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What is a dating headline

You should have a profile picture that is fun with a smile.

These ads worked like any other advert essentially, giving you a small amount of space in which to capture the attention of the woman reading and get her to open your e-mail and see what's inside.

This then meant that you were using the same kinds of advertising techniques that you might use to sell something else such as a used car but with a more romantic technique and here the two most important things are the headline and the picture (well and the price, but that's a bit irrelevant here).

For instance a subject heading like 'Bad news' could very easily motivate someone to read the e-mail (only for the 'bad news' to be that you've fallen for them or something else cheesy which will also then come as a nice relief).

Thus as the advertiser the person sending the e-mail you need to make your heading stand out over the others.

The picture was taken from the computer and has the whole Zoolander thing.

The picture also looks cocky and like an egotistical maniac that is super serious.

At the same time again it doesn't tell them what it is you need help with so they will want to open the e-mail to find out what it is.