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First Coco with her long fight for life, naked hip bucking and mouth opening, shoving her pussy to the sky. Then Belle is next as she dies in her lacy panties extending herself in pain gasping for air, and groaning till the end. Savina topless in Jeans and boots, slumps down the chair into an awkward position, now all are dead, and still as they are viewed and panned from every angle, individually, and together.11 shots9 hitsbelly hitsbody hitsboob hits Lots of dying! He is menacing with every his as he takes her over and over.

She drifts off into fantasy land and explains how she would do the job like animal slaughter, she she would feel little pain, instead of the brutality that killed her.

This is her lucky day as a Jane Doe with a throat slice is unveiled.

She pulls the jeans down, showing her pink Gstring, and teasing her Mons as Coco reacts moaning and breathing hard. She kisses her pussy over the panties, then under the panties, getting a full reaction.

She kisses her on the mouth and the guard kisses her back, still unconscious.

When Belle takes her to the floor and she is out cold, she starts playing with her head, rolling it back and forth, playing with her mouth, checking out her hot body.

She caresses her face for a bit, playing with her breasts through her tight white button down.

This is the BEST Monster Rape I have done and seen, Coco is fantastic and Rex is a menacing beast! y_A young realtor getting her big break tries to sell her house but the man looking has other plans.

As soon as they head out the door, and she faces away from her, he pulls his wallet chain from his pocket, comes behind her up above her on the landing and wraps the chain around her neck picking her up off the ground, she kicks, then he takes her to the grass and gravel for a fight to the death.

Now time to get back to the Exam...that is in another film... Remembering and Thanking the victim for the fantasy. store_id=67Lilith has spent many hours watching and studying M. The monster comes in and rapes her repeatedly over and over again. Chris FALL OF THE GUARDS 9Starring: Coco and Belle Fatale w/ Rex as Partner's voice ...

She is very shocked,and shows: fear, pain, anger, and disgust, among other things. 9_Belle is on a new mission, new compound, and has her work cut out for her in this much larger facility.

She sucks and kisses Coco's breasts and tummy, working her way down to her jeans.