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But the 'mistress' quote still resonates around the prince.

Because it belongs to the Prince of Wales's wife, the Georgian house at Laycock, Wiltshire, which Camilla acquired for £850,000 after her 1995 divorce from Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles, has to be protected like any other royal residence.

So far the security bill to the taxpayer is running at nearly £2 million, mainly for state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and a lodge the size of a four-bedroom bungalow which is being built for the police.

Fortunately, this fitted in perfectly with her other deep need, according to friends, to spend 'a couple of days a week with her family'.

These figures make nonsense of the claim by Prince Charles's private secretary Sir Michael Peat that Camilla cost the country a paltry £2,000 in her first year as a royal duchess. A mere 17 miles from the farmhouse, just over the border in Gloucestershire, is Charles's Highgrove estate, with six bedrooms and four sitting rooms, set in charming gardens and 350 farmed acres.

It is, in fact, a gross over-simplification of a complicated situation that is based on the central theme that being the Prince of Wales's mistress is one thing, but being married to him is quite another.

Suddenly, two people who had been quite happy as lovers and then as partners, while continuing to lead fairly independent lives - both of whom had always understood that marriage was out of the question - now found themselves being to marry. Successful marriage As marriages go, it is a successful one.

We are used to the eccentricities of the aristocracy, and the single-mindedness of royalty, but the Duchess of Cornwall's insistence on retaining Raymill House as her personal 'bolt-hole' inevitably raises intriguing questions.