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“It was a moment of departure.” He’s right that interest in basic income is spreading across the world.

They hope to find out what happens when everyone in a randomly selected place receives a guaranteed basic income for a long period — something that has never been done before.

Experiments like this are important for our understanding of how basic income would work.

Silicon Valley techies hope a guaranteed income would cushion the blow as automation replaces human jobs.

Those with a more utopian bent, such as the organizers of the Swiss referendum, want to open up more options, to let people create art and free the world of what Straub calls “bullshit jobs.” Critics of the idea say it’s too expensive, would encourage people to stop working and possibly tank a country’s economy.

That makes it one of the most audacious social policy experiments in modern history.

It could fail disastrously, or it could change everything for the better.

Canada will likely see an experiment in Ontario, if not on a national level.