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Many local athletes from high school to the professional ranks had her to thank for their continued careers.

The young woman reminded her of her own daughter, and she thought if something had happened to Mindy, Dr.

" The sentiment was whispered under Harry's breath causing one of the admit nurses to stare at her with an arched brow.

Back in the examination room, Sally and the EMTs very carefully lifted Desi from the gurney and onto the exam table.

She continued the comfort even after the medication had taken affect and her breathing had evened out.

The only trace she was still upset were the fat tears that still fell in silence down the beautiful face.

"Not giving Desi a chance to respond, Harry moved away from the gurney running her hand through her hair.

It was a nervous habit she'd had ever since she was a child and one that hadn't made an appearance in years.

David would never forget the bloody baseball bat lying next to the moaning woman, knowing it was what the son of a bitch had used on his wife's leg."We're in luck, Davie, God just finished up in the OR and should be able to descend from on high.