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After following the rules ,then getting an invite I was warmly welcomed in by all the party goers there, the guys were all friendly, couples as sexy and the single ladies playing very very hot, especially Rbec and the very nice and saucy Gemma, gawd could not get enough , I for sure will cum again when/if invited , dont miss this fellas , your in for a treat!!!

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I attended sexy queens party many times as I could when invited , Xmas party and a new years party, wow I am totally blown away by the great party this lovely lady has got going on!

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After having parties for years at my home a couple of bad experiences - one where my brake lines were cut - and another when a weirdo got my home number - never again.

Done it right , thxs all *teelman2 (31), Man on 28 June 2016 by Meeting in person: I met this lady last year and HER DICK SUCKING GAME WAS CCCCCRRRAAAZZYYY SHE HAD ME COMING ALL OVER HER BIG TITS at the time she was in Victoria that was the location then I have not been to her parties since due to time and work I Will be at her parties soon at the new location and TRUST ME GUYS her girls know what they are doing she had another sexy girl and another lady Daisy May who I also had a good time with Rebecca we will catch up soon sorry I have not been able to attend *obinchris (28), Man on by Meeting in person: Met them in the party ...

Absolutely loved it ...great host and made sure everyone was having enough play...can't wait for next time *asy..swinger40 (44), Man on 8 April 2016 by Meeting in person: Fantastic party Met the new party girl venesa and the super nymphomaniac tiffany hosted by blow job queen Rebecca.

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