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Less intimidating thesaurus

We just returned from our 3 wk trip in Greece, and I can't thank you enough for all of your recommendations. He was kind, funny, smart...surpassed all expectations! We definitely bought some Kosta Depastas trick pottery! You are quite famous around the Greek Islands and I understand why.

Veronica Z Romania 9/2/2013 Dear Matt, I am writing to you to tell, how we really appreciat for your web, which has helped me to get the most important information and correct thought when I was planning my first trip to Greece for this March in January. I must say, without your informative guiding web, I would not have been able to find Fantacy Travel, and Georgetaxiservice.

People who read the news and watch CNN can't help but wonder what the Greek Gods have in store for Athens. And those who have come have seen that despite all the financial problems, life goes on.

Oddly though, that has not stopped people from coming to Athens, either to see the ancient sites and museums and to shop, eat and drink or because they are on their way to the islands or are exploring the mainland.

The tourist industry has not given up on Athens and even now the major cruise companies are negotiating to make Athen's port of Pireaus a major hub.