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Kontaktinserate Fürth

Prefabricated sandwich elements made of fair-faced concrete in a warm, earth tone add a sculptural character to the complex.

Landscape Partner: KSLA – Katja Simma Landschaftsarchitektur Cooperation Partner: Prof.

The older translations of Istvn Vrosi (Pat, Apol, Orat, Ux, Cult) and Marcell Mosolyg (Mart) have been recycled; the rest are new.

Tertullian has left us 31 extant treatises, all in Latin.

(Details from Holger Villadsen) -- 1973 : [Uddrag].

(Details from Holger Villadsen) Hungarian: Lszl VTertullianus muvei (The works of Tertullian), Budapest: Szent Istvn Trsulat (1986) 1100pp.

There are also a number of lost works, and a number of spurious works which have passed under his name at one time or another.

Vanyo (1941-2003) died in August 2003 at his desk, working on a patristic translation.

17 cm (Details from Biblioteca Abbaziale Fondo Antico, Parrocchia di Santo Stefano, Casalmaggiore (CR)).