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JURY (602.372.5879) or on the Internet through the Jury Services website.

Excuses for any other reasons should be proposed to the court at the call of jury roll.

All exemption requests should be made in writing at least 48 hours before the trial date.

If you have received a summons for jury service, it is important that you respond to the summons within 10 days through the Jury Services website.

If you need hearing-assisted devices when you serve as a juror, please notify the Court at 360-363-8050 upon receipt of your summons.

A pre-recorded message will tell you if you are required to report, if you have been placed on stand-by, or if you have been excused. Further, please do not bring children, relatives, or friends with you on the day you report for jury duty. Jury duty at the Surprise City Court usually lasts the length of one trial, normally 1-2 days.

For your convenience the recording is in operation between the hours of 5 p.m. If you must report for jury duty, please plan to arrive no later than a.m. Late arrivals are subject to rescheduling with or without pay. Jurors who are chosen to sit on a jury receive $12 per day, plus a one-way mileage fee of 34.5 cents/mile.

Failure to appear or to reschedule your appearance will subject you to a possible fine of $100.00 for contempt of court, pursuant to A. Prospective jurors who are not chosen will be paid the mileage fee only.