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Jane austen dating game

Now you can portray innocent heroine Christine, her noble protector Raoul, or even the tormented Phantom himself.

In Starstruck, a daring, sexy starship commander and a brave, beautiful diplomat must survive in a universe filled with dangerous aliens...while fighting their own clashing personalities.

Thrilling rescues, exotic planets, and out-of-this-world passion!

In Fifty Shades of You, our powerful and composed heroine suddenly finds herself at risk of losing control when she meets our hero, a kindhearted college student with little experience in the areas of romance, or life in general.

Somehow, his vanilla existence captivates her, and soon the two are spiralling through a universe of passion and pleasure -- and a fair bit of destruction.

When wedding preparations stretch everyone's tempers thin, will our heroine reach out for romance before this handsome hero's patience runs out?

Our hero is a gifted Shadow Ward who tracks lost souls and leads them to their eternal resting place.

Upload a photo to personalize the cover and include a dedication to add that finishing touch. Newest release: Fifty Shades of You: A personalized book that will ignite your senses and set your bed on fire! Unless you count the chilling iced coffee incident. Imagine going back to your old neighborhood and falling in love...

James or Vintage Books.) Our smart, savvy heroine is haunted by her run-ins with a mysterious hero, only to find him vanishing into thin air.

Thrilling rescues, exotic planets, and out-of-this-world passion between two strong-willed heroines! In Treasure Trails, you're one of six lucky contestants competing for a $1 million prize in the game show "Treasure Quest".

Our amiable, idealistic hero clashes with an ambitious competitive guy in the race for the cash prize... In Love Factor, our heroine is a talented music producer coerced into coaching singers on a hit new reality TV show.

Join the world of stock car racing in Racing Hearts, where our hard-driving hero has brains to match his breathtaking good looks.