Start Is postdating a check illegal in florida

Is postdating a check illegal in florida

There’s the incentive for banks to process a post-dated check when I want to deposit it early. As you can see, there doesn’t appear to be any major enforcement of a post-dated check, so it can just be treated as a regular check for the most part.

What happened (did you ever encounter any problems with it)?

A postdated check offers the promise of controlling the uncontrollable: As time marches forward, you may wonder what the date on a check really does.

Whether you received a postdated check or you’re thinking of writing one, it’s important to know how they work — and that they often don’t work the way you might expect. People usually postdate checks when they want the recipient (the person or business receiving the payment, also known as the payee) to wait before depositing the check.

All active FL brokers are required to have an office.

It could be located in the broker's residence if zoning permits, but a sign needs to be displayed properly and office needs to be in an enclosed room that will provide privacy to conduct negotiations.-Real estate licensee must indicate the title compnay's name, address and telephone number in the sales contract.-Licensee's broker must request written verification of receipt of deposit no later than 10 business days.-Licensee's broker must send seller's broker a copy of the written verification.

But, what if the check recipient doesn’t listen to my instruction and deposits the check before the written date?

I turned to Wells Fargo and Chase to help me answer that question. A banker said, “Generally, we would try to pay out the fund on the check even if it was post-dated.

In most cases, the recipient can deposit the check at any time.