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Hundred percent adult site

In addition to the Weekend Institute, the University offers hybrid courses that combine face-to-face sessions with online instruction, online courses that can be fully completed from home, and videoconferencing courses that are delivered through a two-way interactive video teleconferencing network.

Thanks for providing this interesting site — it's good to know how one is getting on!

I am going to suggest that my husband does the questionnaire — it might frighten him into giving smoking up, and my daughter might be encouraged to stop her bad eating habits!

Texas A & M-Commerce is located in the Metroplex (Dallas-Fort Worth area) and has multiple branch locations.

For adult learners the University offers great choice, convenient locations, affordable tuition (varies for in or out-of-state), and top-notch technology and facilities.

Classes are small, and one semester hour is waived from freshman studies.

Students may enroll in several classes, or one class at a time, depending on their needs and availability.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, between 20 enrollment of students over the age of 25 rose by 41%.