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How to appear more intimidating

In the musical, he is portrayed by Chris Mc Carrell.

Annabeth runs away from her father and stepfamily at age seven and encounters Luke Castellan and Thalia Grace.

They live as runaways until they are found by Grover Underwood and taken to camp.

Annabeth remains attached to Luke and convinced of his goodness even after his decision to support Kronos.

Her attempts to bring Luke back into the fold are an important theme in the books.

Annabeth Chase is one of protagonist Percy Jackson's closest friends and later his girlfriend, first appearing as a twelve–year-old who helps nurse him back to health after he fights the Minotaur.

She is the daughter of the goddess Athena and mortal history professor Frederick Chase, from whom she has an extensive paternal family.

Annabeth is crucial to the plot of each book in the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles, in various ways.