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Help updating resume

A precision targeted and professionally typeset resume is the key to scoring an interview. It's the full featured App, and the best one you can buy.

It's not over crowded with options that end up taking longer than just typing an actual resume. It has useful tips and options as well as a simplicity that helped me stay on track and complete the resume with minimal fuss. Only reason I won't give it five stars is because I didn't see any options to change the formatting (besides text and margin size). It was easy to use and sections were completely what was needed to show all areas of expertise.

Contact info, latest two or three jobs with responsibilities, education, and hobbies done.

Segment the page out in titles, use bullet points if you will, and make that one page as simple to read as possible. If you’ve never had a real job before or are still within 5 years out of undergrad, you better not hide your GPA. A good resume should be standard, which means it’s all the important not to have a bad resume. From the examples below, you’ll see that all are acceptable resumes. Don’t use a generic resume for all your applications.

People are using Resume Star to get jobs every day. Resume Star has a full feature set with everything you need:- Creates cross-platform compatible PDF resumes- Email resumes directly- Print in-App right from your i Pad or i Phone/i Pod Touch- Export to 3rd party Apps such as Dropbox to upload- Create unlimited resumes, one for each company if you want- 10 professionally drafted examples provide a starting point, or inspiration- Use pre-defined sections or create custom ones- Rearrange sections to suit your needs- Create a specific cover letter for each company, properly addressed- Integrated spell check to help avoid typos- Optional fine adjustments to text and margin sizes to fit the page- Live previews on the i Pad BONUS GUIDEAlso check out the in-depth guide, How to Score That interview With a Precision Targeted Resume. APPS YOU'LL LOVEAt Qrayon, we love building Apps that you'll find useful and actually enjoy to use. I was able to make a great resume in probably a quarter of the time that It normally would take.

It's full of tips and tricks to get the most out of Resume Star. We hope that Resume Star helps, even in its small way, towards you getting your dream job. You have freedom to add and delete categories and sections as you see fit, and it also has options for distributing your resume.

This app is thoughtful and well made, I will definitely be using it again. They took a risk but I have no doubt that it's paid off. I didn't have to worry about font types or whether or not a was forgetting something. There is no way to change the formatting from what you see in the preview pictures. You can add sections or change them, make text larger and adjust margins.

This alone makes me want to give them my money, on top of how well the app performed. Not only is it free, it doesn't have the clutter of ads. It also uses the honor system with payment and when I get the job I'll be sure to pay.

Only thing is kind to see tho, is a function to have style templates.