Start Hawaiian dating service

Hawaiian dating service

In fact you might be able to find all the ingredients you'll need in your kitchen already.

He’s not from Hawaii but he’s the most Hawaiian non-Hawaiian person I’ve ever met,” Inaba says.

“As far as who I’d invite to the wedding — well, we’re going to have our wedding be very, very, very intimate,” she explains. So, as many people as can fit in that circle around us.” Inaba and Derringer got engaged in December 2016 when the General Hospital alum proposed with an oval-cut diamond and 18-karat rose gold band.

“When you finally meet the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with it changes your perspective a lot, and suddenly it’s no longer about what’s right or wrong, it’s about being compassionate, and patient, and supportive,” Inaba tells Us.

This recipe makes only one serving, so be sure to scale up the ingredients if you're entertaining friends.

You don't need rum or any other liquor for a great Pina Colada.

If you're in the mood for a heavier drink, try the rich and delicious sunny Hawaii.

Combine a cup of orange juice, a cup of pineapple juice, half a cup for light cream, a splash of coconut juice, and a splash of lime.

Stir a packet of any blue-colored Kool Aid mix into a large punch bowl filled with a liter of club soda. Place a bit of pineapple juice into the bowl for added color and flavor.