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Worthy of special mention is the Dubai Shopping Festival, a retail extravaganza attracting millions each year for a month starting mid-January, when even better bargains are to be had on shopping and at hotels.

The old fort building contains regular exhibits of weapons, traditional costumes and musical instruments and the courtyard has good examples of ‘arish huts and wooden boats.

The new underground section of the museum houses wonderfully lifelike exhibits of an ancient souq, a quran school, typical Arabic households and an oasis.

A selection of the finds from Jumeirah can be seen in Dubai Museum.

Shops sell handicrafts and camel and donkey rides are sometimes available.

There is also a display on the desert by night with interesting local wildlife.

A separate room is dedicated to lively modern exhibits of pearl diving and fishing. Jumeirah Archaeological Site - This affluent suburb to the south of Dubai city is the location of an important archaeological site dating to the early Islamic period.

Thus, it is in part contemporary with the sequence at Kush in northern Ra’s al-Khaimah, and with Jazirat al-Hulaylah.