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We did attempt to go to a few but the music was very traditional, the vibe quite weird and awkward and thus we were ostracized reasonably quickly.

You literally walk onto the street with a backpack on and within minutes you will be hustled into a van, bus, broken down car, donkey, whatever and you will be on your way to your desired destination. It kind of feels like you're in a movie, like in a car chase scene, except there is no one chasing you.

A van for 8 people has 16 and is weaving all over the road passing people, dodging oncoming cars, with not a thought of the speed limit all in what can only be called a rusted tin box with wheels.

These beaches are full with umbrellas and beach chairs and you are not allowed to lie on the sand, so you must acquire a beach chair. Rule #3: Work out the beach chair monopoly This is a vital rule, because as we found out some chairs were free and others not free.