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What you receive from Amazon as “compensation” will depend on how late the package was delivered and the size of the order.

Personally, I like to set up an alert on my smartphone calendar to remind me to check pricing on the seventh day after delivery.

If the item is from a third party seller, you’ll have the option of either getting a full refund, or a replacement item delivered to your home in three to four business days.

Are you aware that Amazon has a price protection policy in place?

They tend to rotate their “No-Rush” credit option with $1 for digital content being the default offer.

Also, it’s important to point out that you’ll get your credit added to your account after the item has shipped.

This is done by informing them of the lower price on the Amazon product page — under “Product Details,” simply click on “Tell us about a lower price” and follow the instructions.

Next, monitor the item for a couple days and you stand a good chance of them lowering the price based on your information.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, and don’t necessarily need an item delivered within two days, you can opt for “FREE No-Rush Shipping (five business days)” and get a $1 credit for digital content by doing so.