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The hill station is situated at the confluence of Kundaly, Nallathanni and Madhurapuzha.

It is also an ideal place for nature lovers, wildlife lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

The hill station with its scenic beauty and colonial charm attracted many tourists.

Several hotels and guesthouses cropped up to cater to this steady stream of visitors.

The ethereal beauty of the scenic valley, rolling hills, virgin forest and waterfalls will enchant you.

Munnar is one of the places in India with rich biodiversity.

This hill station was under the control of the Travancore kingdom however the royal family of Poonjar was the landlord of the region. Munro found that out of the many hills of Munnar, Kanan Devan hills have the perfect condition for the plantation.

Munro met Rohini Thirunal Kerala Varma Valiya Raja, the head of the Poonjar royal family regarding his plantation plan.

A total of 33 independent estates were purchased by the firm.