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Dating etiquette quiz

There's something about being there to share in the happy couple's special day that puts everyone in attendance in a joyful mood.

Smart houses will ensure the guests are placed boy-girl-boy-girl.

Traditionally, wedding cakes are fruitcakes, often with nuts – these ingredients being used to symbolise fertility.

Brush up on your manners to avoid getting into an embarrassing situation.

, or quite simply "please respond." The reason you're given a deadline is so that the couple can finalize their plans with the caterer and other professionals.

In America, the top tier is reserved for the couple's first wedding anniversary, but in the UK it is reserved for the birth of the first-born.

Thankfully, fruitcakes keep for a long time if stored correctly!

It's also considered poor wedding guest etiquette to call the bride or groom to ask if you can bring a guest. Many wedding guests choose to give monetary gifts to the couple on the day of the wedding; others choose to send gifts ahead of time or very soon after the wedding.