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Dating club online personals loan

Whatever the case, they’re bringing a lot of financial baggage to the marriage. Nevermind the fact that you are a married team in spirit.

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Neither one of us was solely responsible for paying all of the grocery bills, utilities, rent payments, etc. Before we got married the thought of keeping our finances separate didn’t even cross my mind. Everything we make is ours, just like everything we have is ours.

It’s not like I’m the only person in the house that uses the lights.

In these situations, there are often adult children involved as well. Maybe they went on wild spending sprees with their credit cards.

I can totally see how it may be simpler to keep their finances separate so that those children receive their “proper” inheritance. Perhaps they financed a brand new $60,000 car that they can’t afford.

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Essentially, you’re saying “I mostly trust you, but not with my money.” With this sort of attitude, how could you possibly fail??? They think that by keeping their finances separate and not communicating about money, they won’t ever fight about it. Seriously peeps, what happens when one partner needs to borrow cash from the other in order to pay the cable bill? Do you have to grant special favors to the spouse/creditor?