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Couple prayer dating couples

Add to that, the gift of Christian marriage that gives us an opportunity to connect, not only with one another, but with a holy and almighty God.

Think about all that is going on during those first few years of your marriage.

If you’re anything like us, most likely, you’re raising young children, sleep deprived, worn out from work, all the while trying to survive financially, make meals, and somehow keep the house from looking like a hurricane passed through it.

Sadly, couples who choose cohabitation choose a risky route that will lead to more heartbreak rather than fulfillment of the deepest longings of the heart.

While it sounds like a noble idea, the concept of “investing in your marriage” can seem so far away for many couples, particularly during the first decade of marriage.

Nearly 20 percent of women will become pregnant in the first year of cohabiting.

Only 26 percent of women who become pregnant while cohabiting will get married within the year.

The rapid acceptance of cohabitation and the dissolution of a culture of marriage in the wake of the sexual revolution pose a significant challenge to the Catholic Church in the United States.