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Bisexual camping stories

I told her that I would continue to love and respect her however many men she fucked.

She looked to be about 27-28 years old, around 5”5, with the sweetest ass I had ever seen.

As I watched them walk across the room to a table, I could have sworn she winked at me. Alessandro was a type of guys who really liked big women, he didn’t know why, he just loved the way they looked.

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I was 23 years old, had just graduated from University, and decided to take a road trip before starting my new job in a few weeks.

I would also give the highest rate to her large shaking breast and big round nipples, she also was an owner of a very big round ass to fuck!

and when she wore a nice short summer dress which verbally outlined every single curve of her body, she looked almost awesome!

When I asked, she told me that she had hundred men. The funny thing was that she should actually fall in love with not only me but also some other guys.