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Some of these modifications map the "asp" prefix to ASP. contains all of the core functionality used by ASP. It also allows for more efficient client-side processing of data since the ASP.

You can use the Auto Complete Extender control (available in the ASP. However, before calling a service you have to AJAX-enable it so that it can be called by client-script code. NET Web Services, you'll find it straightforward to create and AJAX-enable services. NET AJAX Extensions provide additional AJAX functionality that builds upon the . While adding the Web Method attribute allows the Get Customers By Country() method to be called by clients that send standard SOAP messages to the Web Service, it doesn't allow JSON calls to be made from ASP. To allow JSON calls to be made you have to apply the ASP. However, another attribute named Script Method can also be applied directly to Web Methods in a service. Changing the values of these properties can be useful in cases where the type of request accepted by a Web Method needs to be changed to GET, when a Web Method needs to return raw XML data in the form of an object or when data returned from a service should always be serialized as XML instead of JSON.

Processing of the XML data can then occur on the client.

Listing 7 shows an example of using the Response Format property to specify that XML data should be returned from a Web Method. Using the Script Method attribute with the Response Format property.

NET AJAX Extension's attribute to the Web Service class. Script Service] [Web Service(Namespace = " [Web Service Binding(Conforms To = Wsi Profiles. Web Service The Script Service attribute acts as a marker that indicates it can be called from AJAX script code. The Use Http Get property can be used when a Web Method should accept GET requests as opposed to POST requests.

This enables a Web Service to send response messages formatted using JSON and allows client-side script to call a service by sending JSON messages. Basic Profile1_1)] public class Customers Service : System. It doesn't actually handle any of the JSON serialization or deserialization tasks that occur behind the scenes. Requests are sent using a URL with Web Method input parameters converted to Query String parameters.

Listing 8 shows an example of using the Xml Serialize String property to force strings to be serialized as XML. Using the Script Method attribute with the Xml Serialize String property Although the default JSON format minimizes the overall size of request and response messages and is more readily consumed by ASP. Generate Script Type(typeof(Gender))] [Web Service(Namespace = " [Web Service Binding(Conforms To = Wsi Profiles. Web Service attribute to the Web Service, the Address and Gender types will automatically be made available for use by client-side ASP. An example of the Java Script that is automatically generated and sent to the client by adding the Generate Script Type attribute on a Web Service is shown in Listing 11. NET AJAX pages, let's take a look at how to create and use Java Script proxies so that data can be retrieved or sent to Web Services. NET or another platform) typically involves creating a proxy object that shields you from the complexities of sending SOAP request and response messages. NET AJAX Web Service calls, Java Script proxies can be created and used to easily call services without worrying about serializing and deserializing JSON messages. Adding a reference to the Customers through the Script Manager control causes a Java Script proxy to be dynamically generated and referenced by the page. NOTE] If you'd like to see the actual Java Script proxy code that is generated you can type the URL to the desired .

NET AJAX clients in a cross-browser manner, the Response Format and Xml Serialize String properties can be utilized when client applications such as Internet Explorer 5 or higher expect XML data to be returned from a Web Method. Basic Profile1_1)] public class Nested Complex Type Service : System. You'll see how to use nested complex types later in the article. Java Script proxies can be automatically generated by using the ASP. Creating a Java Script proxy that can call Web Services is accomplished by using the Script Manager's Services property. NET Web Service into Internet Explorer's address box and append /js to the end of it. This can be done by setting the Service Reference control's Inline Script property to true (the default is false).

NET page, there may be times when you need to dynamically access data on the server without using an Update Panel.